[sage-on-gentoo] changes in handling gap and its packages

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[sage-on-gentoo] changes in handling gap and its packages

François Bissey-4

sage 8.6 will use gap-4.10.0. The changes in packaging coming
from upstream for this version (and the short lived 4.9) are
It also pushed me to reconsider how support gap and its packages
in Gentoo. gap supports packages like R but the mechanics of it
are far less sophisticated or mature.
Anyway I decided to switch to abusing subslots to manage package
dependencies in a way that gave me the less headaches.
I also back ported to the previous version of gap in the overlay.
As a consequence if you have gap and gap packages installed at
the moment you will want to unmerge them and then re-merge
them to get the correct slotting.

sage 8.6 tries to cram a few things to be released before the next
debian freeze. gap is the biggest item on that list. Expect 8.6
in the next 7 days - probably.