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Re: [RFC] Global USE=gui 3 replies gentoo-dev
Re: This nite's switch to "full multilib" 0 replies gentoo-user
Re: grub2 multiple kernels 1 reply gentoo-user
Re: how to use my SSD the right way ;-) 0 replies gentoo-user
Re: looking for a couple of systemd units 1 reply gentoo-user
Re: Moving from old udev to eudev 0 replies gentoo-user
Re: [~amd64] Some possibly (?) helpful hints re the big gnome-3.8 update 7 replies gentoo-user
Re: "auto-config" of new gentoo-sources? 1 reply gentoo-user
Re: RFC: install linux-firmware with kernel sources (was Re: [gentoo-dev] Lastrite: Firmware cleanup, part #1) 2 replies gentoo-dev
Re: IPTABLES syntax change? 24 replies gentoo-user
Re: Moving our/portage stuff to var 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: emerge --update : how to keep it going? 4 replies gentoo-user
Re: Maintainer needed: dev-libs/icu 5 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Gentoo is the best linux distro 0 replies gentoo-user
Re: Persistent ulimit for daemons 1 reply gentoo-user
Re: Binary package error 1 reply gentoo-hardened
Re: Re: udev <-> mdev 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: OT: Anybody know of a 'Genius' type service or site for TV shows/Movies/Music that is not owned by Apple? 0 replies gentoo-user
Re: start X - Segmentation fault 1 reply gentoo-user
Re: Why sources 3.2.21 in emerge -vuDp world 0 replies gentoo-user
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