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Re: [PATCH news] 2020-02-06-python-2-7-eol: news item for py2.7 EOL 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Last rites: sci-astronomy/celestia 0 replies gentoo-dev
Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Last rites: sci-astronomy/celestia 2 replies gentoo-dev
Re: [PATCH] repoman: add --include-profiles=PROFILES 1 reply gentoo-portage-dev
net-print/cndrvcups* up for grabs 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: [PATCH] use.desc: Introduce global USE=magic 0 replies gentoo-dev
Re: [PATCH v2 6/9] acct-{group,user}.eclass: WIP eclasses to maintain users/groups 2 replies gentoo-dev
Re: How to deal with defunct projects (whose purpose makes sense)? 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: x11-libs/gksu, x11-libs/libgksu, dev-java/ant-nodeps, dev-java/ant-trax, app-admin/localepurge, net-p2p/ppcoind, media-libs/libptp2, sci-libs/spqr... 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: Add GOBIN to ENV_UNSET in make.defaults 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: dev-java/ant-nodeps, dev-java/ant-trax, dev-python/pyramid, dev-libs/libstrl, dev-util/difffilter, app-crypt/tinyca... 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: sys-cluster/cman and co. 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: mail-filter/assp, www-apps/lxr, app-misc/iguanaIR, net-analyzer/nagvis, media-plugins/alsaequal... 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: media-gfx/splashutils 0 replies gentoo-dev
Add GOBIN to ENV_UNSET in make.defaults 2 replies gentoo-dev
Packages up for grabs 1 reply gentoo-dev
Lastrites: net-misc/whatportis 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: dev-python/pyrtf 0 replies gentoo-dev
Lastrites: app-misc/jira-cli 0 replies gentoo-dev
Re: [PATCH 02/10] gnome2.eclass: move icon handling code to xdg.eclass 1 reply gentoo-dev
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