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Re: speakup on gentoo 4 replies gentoo-accessibility
Re: Does the Gentoo 2007.0 live cd release include the Speakup screen reader? 1 reply gentoo-accessibility
speakup on gentoo 6 replies gentoo-accessibility
Re: Install gentoo 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
Re: [gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in app-accessibility/yasr: ChangeLog yasr-0.6.9.ebuild 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: bell at boot prompt 1 reply gentoo-releng
bell at boot prompt 5 replies gentoo-releng
Re: RFC: brltty not starting early enough 1 reply gentoo-dev
Re: RFC: brltty not starting early enough 3 replies gentoo-dev
RFC: brltty not starting early enough 6 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Introducing myself, with a few short questions 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
Re: Packages of for grabs 0 replies gentoo-dev
iuse defaults example 15 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Espeak 1.26 Digest Verification 1 reply gentoo-accessibility
Re: Emacspeak 1 reply gentoo-accessibility
Re: RFC: phasing out app-accessibility/festival 2 replies gentoo-dev
RFC: phasing out app-accessibility/festival 1 reply gentoo-accessibility
RFC: phasing out app-accessibility/festival 8 replies gentoo-dev
Re: New (old) Developer: Deedra Waters (dmwaters) 0 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Emacspeak 5 replies gentoo-accessibility
1 ... 686970717273