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multilib-strict 2 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Software Synthesizer 2 replies gentoo-accessibility
rfc: upstart on gentoo 5 replies gentoo-dev
Re: What Access Features? 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
Re: [williamh@gentoo.org: espeak on gentoo] 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
[williamh@gentoo.org: espeak on gentoo] 2 replies gentoo-accessibility
test 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
test 0 replies gentoo-accessibility
assistance requested with festival and speech-tools 0 replies gentoo-dev
where to install source files for c++ templates 3 replies gentoo-dev
Re: Make logrotate a global USE flag? 0 replies gentoo-dev
xinetd use flag and xinetd files being installed 1 reply gentoo-dev
--nospinner in emerge_default_opts 3 replies gentoo-portage-dev
Re: emerge-default-opts 0 replies gentoo-portage-dev
emerge-default-opts 1 reply gentoo-portage-dev
festival use flag 3 replies gentoo-dev
1 ... 70717273