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[Mate1 Ticket#: 2009012113003004] unsubscribe

Customer Support

Dear [hidden email] ,

Please accept our apologies. Mate1 is a responsible email marketer and our
offers are only sent to individuals that have opted in to a mailing list
voluntarily in order to receive special offers. We're very sorry if our offer
was unwelcome to you and we are removing your email from our mailing list. Due
to delays in email queues, there is a small possibility that you will receive
an additional email from us after your address has been removed. However, all
mail from us should stop within 10 days of removal. If you continue to receive
mail from us after 10 days, please forward the unsolicited email to the
attention of the Mate1 Abuse Team, [hidden email] for immediate follow up.

Yours Truly,
   Mate1 Support


[hidden email] wrote:

> unsubscribe