xorg-server-1.20* failure

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xorg-server-1.20* failure

William Kenworthy
Hi, I have a problem with xorg-server 1.20*.

LXDM starts, but on login xfce4 freezes with the panel, xfce4-terminal
logo and a blank background.  The mouse moves but no response to
clicking anything on the panel.  startx as a user or root just goes to a
black screen with a blinking cursor. Nothing amiss in the Xorg, dmesg or
syslog logs that I can see.

So far I rebuilt a lot of X, emerge -ep xfce4-meta (some 500 packages)
with no change.

This is the same for 1.20, 1.20.1 and now 1.20.2.  The older 1.19 series
worked fine.

Hardware is MS Surface pro4 with gentoo-sources with Jake Days IPTS
patches - IPTS mouse works along with the touchpad.

There were a few bugs causing somewhat similar symptoms but 1.20.1 was
supposed to fix them - has anyone suggestions on what to fix?