yaboot-static is ignoring my yaboot.conf

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yaboot-static is ignoring my yaboot.conf

Garry Smith-4

Platform: IBM JS20 Blade Centre

Gentoo Linux PPC64 installed  http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-ppc64.xml
64 bit userland.

I want to bootp JS20 blades using a yaboot.chrp sitting on a tftp  
server. Bootp  and tftp file serving are working, i.e the client  
successfully retrieves the yaboot.chrp and yaboot.conf BUT the client  
then ignores my yaboot.conf settings and tries to download vmlinux and  
root.bin, instead of vmlinux8 and fs.gz as described in my yaboot.conf.

I am using yaboot-static as described in the Gentoo manual. The copy  
of yaboot.chrp on the tftp server came from: /usr/lib/yaboot/
yaboot.chrp as described in the Gentoo manual.

My yaboot.conf on the atftp server looks like this:

init-message="\nWelcome to a network booted Gentoo installer service  

        append="ramdisk_size=16384 console=ttyS0 console=tty0"

The yaboot.conf sits on the atftp server along with the client's  
kernel, and read only root filesystem, i.e.:

/tftpboot/etc/01-00-11-25-ca-21-10 -> yaboot.conf
/tftpboot/ibmpower -> yaboot.chrp

When I bootp a blade, I can see that the yaboot.chrp is downloaded  
successfully (the dhcp next-server entry to ibmpower works). Also the  
yaboot config from /etc/01-00-11-25-ca-21-10 is pulled down to the  
client. But looking in the tftp server logs I see that the yaboot.chrp  
then tries to download vmlinux and root.bin. My yaboot.conf (above)  
references vmlinux8 and fs.gz.

As a test I symlinked vmlinux -> vmlinux8 and root.bin -> fs.gz. The  
tftp server log shows that the files are downloaded to the client  
(although an issue prevents the client from booting)

My question is this: Why is yaboot.chrp ignoring my yaboot.conf  
settings and how can I get this configured correctly from a 64 bit  
userland? I am thinking to install another blade with Gentoo PPC64  
32bit userland, to see if I can play around with yaboot configuration  
but this feels a bit excessive.

Any ideas?

In case you are wondering, the kernel that I bootp is intended to be a  
sevice module that installs Gentoo on the blades automatically.

Thank you in advance.